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Community Engagement: Peru

Some of the Corporate Social Responsibility programs initiated by Plateau Energy Metals, which was acquired by American Lithium on May 11, 2021.

Local Employment

Employment of local community members from Isivilla, Tantamaco, Chacaconiza, Quelcaya, Chimboya, Pacaje and Coran

Skills Development

Drill road and platform preparation/construction

Camp personnel

Environmental monitoring


Safe Water

Assisted establishing water treatment plant


Loaning company owned road building equipment for local community use to improve community infrastructure


Twice yearly campaign targeting the communities we are engaged with


Sponsorship of educational programs
in local schools

Support full-time teachers and continuous training support for teachers

Festival Sponsorship

Sponsorship of local and regional festivals and events celebrating the culture and communities in the Macusani Plateau

Sports & Health

All-weather soccer field in Isivilla
~2 year project developing construction skills in communities


Monthly school milk program sponsorship

Community Engagement: Nevada

Nevada is one of the highest ranked mining jurisdictions in the world. It offers a high level of support among all levels of government, as well as from regional communities.

With this in mind, American Lithium is committed to hiring employees, consultants and sub-contractors from the region in which we operate, whenever possible.

As a community-minded corporate citizen, American Lithium fully recognizes the importance of water conservation in Nevada and is committed to recycling water whenever possible. With this in mind, the company has secured privately sourced water rights for our TLC project through the acquisition of a nearby ranch, where we will continue to protect and nurture the regional biodiversity.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices is a foundational pillar of our business model. To this end, we look forward to the opportunity to engage with the many stakeholders involved in the development of extractive industries in Nevada, especially local communities, such as Tonopah.