Our advanced-stage Falchani project is the 6th largest hard-rock lithium deposit in the world. It benefits from a highly sustainable business model in a geopolitically “friendly” jurisdiction.   
Base Case


PEA announced on January 10th, 2024

3.0 Years Payback

NPV (8%), Base Case
$ 0 B

IRR 32.0% (after-tax using USD$22.5k/t Li2Co3 selling price)

Low CapEx

Initial Capital
$ 0 M

High Cash Flow

Annual After-Tax Cash Flow
$ 0 M

$5,092/t LCE OPEX

Falchani New MRE

From the Falchani 2023 Mineral Resource Estimate – See October 31st, 2023 News Release

  • Low second quartile operating costs (per Benchmark Mineral Intelligence)
  • Scalable, 32-year mine life producing battery-grade lithium carbonate (“Li2CO3”)
  • Additional 11 years of stockpile mining averaging 44,800tpa per year
  • Estimated to be 6th largest hard rock lithium deposit globally*
  • Resource estimate** based on only ~30% of target area


*Based on the Company's review of publicly available information as at March 2019

**NI 43-101 report titled the “Falchani Lithium Project NI 43-101 Technical Report – Preliminary Economic Assessment” prepared by John Joseph Riordan, David Thompson, Valentine Cotzee of DRA Pacific and Mr. Stewart Nupen of The Mineral Corporation

  • Robust metallurgical testing indicates conventional processing will produce a high purity battery grade (>99.5%) lithium carbonate

Updated PEA published on February 26th, 2024


Location Advantages

American Lithium has acquired Plateau Energy Metals as of May 11, 2021.

Excellent Infrastructure

  • Easy transport
  • Low cost power
  • Labour
  • Water
  • Close to Two Oceans highway

Supply Security (Peru)

  • Mining supportive jurisdiction
  • Responsible mining practices

Exploration Advantages

Quelcaya Target

  • Outcrop mapping and sampling ~6 km west of Falchani deposit
  • 1.5 km mapped extent; sampling average grade of 2,986 ppm Li

Tres Hermanas

  • Three ridges of outcropping Li-rich tuff, interpreted as tilted upright compared to relatively horizontal at Falchani East and West
  • Each ridge estimated at ~80m high x ~750m long east-west
  • Surface samples up to 4,452 ppm Li, trenching in progress

Regional Targeting

  • 6 km by 5 km interpreted collapsed caldera setting as target for future exploration
  • ~ 20 km West, multiple surface samples up to 5,100 ppm Li from large Li-rich tuff outcrop


In October 2023, American Lithium released an updated Mineral Resource Estimate (“MRE”) that increased the projects Measured & Indicated (“M&I”) Lithium Resources by 476% relative to the previous MRE released in 2019, making Falchani one of the largest hard-rock lithium projects globally.

Minor discrepancies due to rounding may occur. Cut-off 600 ppm Li Tonnes are Metric Li Conversion Factors as follows: Li2CO3:Li ratio = 5.32, LiOH.H2O:Li ratio =6.05. Geological losses of 5% or 10% have been applied, based on geological structure and data density. The average geological loss is 6%.

Plateau Energy Metals was acquired by American Lithium in May, 2021.