At Macusani, we are advancing one of the world’s largest and lowest-cost uranium deposits to help meet the need for clean and efficient energy -strategically-sourced in the Americas. 


1.8 Years Payback, Post-Tax

NPV (8%)
US$ 0 M

IRR 40.6%, at US$50/lb U3O8

Low Capex

Initial Capital
~US$ 0 M

Low Cost

LOM Cash Cost & ~$18/lb AISC*
US$ 0 /lb

*Non-IFRS Reporting Measure

Control of All Defined Uranium Resources in Emerging Uranium District

  • Large scale: proposed production averaging over ~6 Mlbs U3O8 per year over a 10 year mine life
  • PEA mine plan resources: ~70 Mlbs U3O8 at 289 pp
  • 47+ targets around existing defined deposit
  • Expansion drilling at Macusani to expand existing resource
  • Updating Macusani PEA to incorporate upgrading/tank leach option
  • Five near surface deposits included in the PEA mine plan
  • Hosted in porous volcanic rock → rapid leach and low acid consumption
  • Align existing Peruvian Radioactive Export/Transport rules with IAEA for U3O8


Location Advantages

American Lithium has acquired Plateau Energy Metals as of May 11, 2021.

Excellent Infrastructure

  • Easy transport
  • Low cost power
  • Labour
  • Water

Supply Security (Peru)

  • Mining supportive jurisdiction
  • Responsible mining practices

Exploration Advantages

Existing Deposits

  • Targeted drilling in and around existing defined deposits
  • Infill drilling in inferred deposits outside current PEA mine plan

Kihitian Complex

  • Tantamaco South East – targets in between Tantmaco and Quebrada Blanca deposits
  • Untested post-land consolidation of extensions to mineralized manto horizon

Regional Targeting

  • +47 additional targets property wide
  • 85% of exploration land package undrilled – untested targets for early follow-up

Processing Advantages


  • Tank leach option work to be advanced
  • Potential for better recoveries & shorter leach cycle
    • Mid-90’s in early tests vs. 88% in PEA
  • Capex/opex vs. recoveries trade off



  • Potential economic improvement with size/screen sorting
    • 85% uranium contained in 50% of mass in fine fraction)
  • Potential for less material handling, higher processed grades, reduced processing throughput and smaller plant footprint


  • Phased expansion, smaller initial capex options to be reviewed
    • 2 to 6 Mlbs U3O8 annual production ranges considered previously
    • Review + engineering work in consideration

Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)

Currently modeled as 3% NSR in PEA

Different Uranium ppm Cutoffs


All Resources stated at 75 ppm U cutoff
All Resources stated at 200 ppm U cutoff
  1. Kihitian Complex includes the Chilcuno Chico, Quebrada Blanca, Tuturumani and Tantamaco deposits updated May 6, 2015.
  2. Isivilla Complex includes the Isivilla, Calvario Real, Puncopata and Calvario I deposits, updated May 6, 2015
  3. Corani Complex includes the Calvario II, the Calvario III and Nueva Corani deposits, updated May 6, 2015
  4. Colibri II-III and Tupuramani remain unchanged, last updated August 14, 2013
  5. Corachapi remains unchanged, last updated September 8, 2010
Plateau Energy Metals was acquired by American Lithium in May, 2021.