We are committed to human rights, gender equality, responsible labour practices, as well as an emphasis on health and safety in our workforce.

  • We value what matters to the local community. The nurturing of our social licence will be integral to the success of our businesses and the prosperity of local communities
  • Our approach to community outreach is to ask, discuss and listen. This includes engaging in regular dialogue and consultation with all local stakeholders


The responsible stewardship of the local environment where we operate is at the heart of our corporate values.

  • We work to minimize the environmental impact of our activities at all times
  • We aim to offset our activities by engaging in outreach initiatives to improve the local environment


Wherever we operate, we are committed to respecting local values, customs and culture. Our community programs include the following:

  • the creation of well-paying employment
  • local infrastructure improvement
  • support for community enhancement initiatives
  • prioritization for sourcing local goods and services
  • regular consultation with the local community and all other stakeholders